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While most of your time will be spent with one of our dentists, that doesn’t mean our dental office would be successful without the hard work, dedication and exceptional customer service of our dental office staff. CQ9电子的助理, hygienists and administrative team members do everything possible to make you feel right at home. If you have questions or need additional accommodations that you’d like us to know about, 请不要犹豫,向我寻求指导.


来自中的, Jessica earned her Master’s in School Counseling in 2013 from Assumption College. She’s always been drawn to people’s smiles – she truly believes that a smile can make or break your confidence and help you conquer the world too! Working in the dental field as an office manager has allowed her to use her Master’s in a new light, helping others reach their goals and face their fears. She gets super excited to see the results of each patient’s unique transformation and feels extremely grateful to work for such amazing doctors who are changing the world of dentistry.

At home, Jessica has twins named Brayden and Brianna, as well as a hairless doggy named Vader. Outside of Whitinsville家庭牙科, you can nearly always find her hanging out with her kiddos. With double the trouble, her family is in non-stop motion!


Kristin is originally from the Canton area and attended Messiah College for her education. 今天, she has been working in the dental field for a few years now. She loves spending time alongside such great team members each day!

工作以外的, Kristin is married to her husband Jake and has a daughter named Hannah. 在她的业余时间, 她对她的教会非常热心, leading a kids’ curriculum team and also directing a summer camp. She also enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones and watching the Hallmark channel. An interesting fact about her: she was actually the only person in her high school’s graduating class.


梅兰妮来自韦兰地区. She loves continuing to grow and learn ever day! She is amazed to watching the transformations our patients make from start to finish.

工作以外的, Melanie has a fiancé named Jason and a son named Darian, 谁是MA国民警卫队步兵. 在她的业余时间, 她喜欢去海滩, 和杰森一起去钓鱼, 和她的猫薇洛和黑兹尔在一起.



妮可来自马萨诸塞州格拉夫顿. She may be one of the newest members of our team, but her genuine love for meeting new people has made her a perfect fit from the start. 她的成绩是B。.A. in Psychology and her favorite part of being at our practice is the amazing staff and patients!

当她不在CQ9电子办公室的时候, you can most likely find Nicole spending time with her husband, 的继女, 和他们的小狗, 格里芬. As a family, they love traveling to Kennebunk together!


Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science in Economics from Framingham State University, and her career in the dental field now spans over five years. She has attended continuing education with several prestigious organizations, including SPEAR and the Academy of General Dentistry. She is also the organizer and leader of the 吐蕃 SPEAR Study Club! 从她记事起, she’s had a strange obsession with teeth and smiles, and it’s amazing to see the transformations every day in the dental office – not just in the patient’s smile, 但在他们的自信中, 他们的开放, 以及他们的总体性格. They can even possibly affect someone’s work life, love life, and income potential! More than anything, her favorite part of this position is being able to work with her husband, Dr. 杰森·图博,每天都是.

詹妮弗博士. 吐蕃有六个孩子! What she enjoys most outside of work is spending quality time with her family and seeing her kids grow up and become successful. An interesting fact about her: she was voted “Pearliest Whites” for the Senior Superlatives at Douglas High School!


阿什顿的祖籍是道格拉斯, and she earned her college education at Westfield State University. She has been with our dental office for a handful of years now, starting out at the front desk before deciding to expand her skills into dental assisting. 今天, she loves being able to help each patient feel genuinely at ease throughout their appointments. 建立关系, 听他们的故事, and helping them reach their smile goals is really rewarding!

Whenever Ashton has free time outside of work, she enjoys traveling every chance she gets. In 2017, she was given the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with Dr. 吐蕃 and help others in less fortunate parts of the world, which was an amazing experience. She also loves 徒步旅行 and wants to eventually see every national park in the United States.


Donna’s career in the dental field impressively spans over 35 years so far, with almost all of them spent right here at our dental office. 来自道格拉斯, she studied assisting at the David Hale School of Health Occupations and is a Certified Dental Assistant. What she enjoys most about her job is seeing each patient’s face light up when they see their finished treatment and big, 美丽的微笑!

Donna and her husband Brian have been married for over 40 years. They have two children named Andrea (who is a Registered Nurse) and Adam (who is an RA adjuster). 当她不忙于照顾病人的时候, 她的个人爱好包括划船, 骑自行车, 阅读, 和花时间在海滩上. She is also a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Demetria has been a member of our dental team for over five years so far. She completed her training at Lincoln Technical Institute and is also certified in Six Month Smiles. She is very proud to see and be a part of so many amazing smile transformations here at Whitinsville家庭牙科, as well as learning all about new dental techniques and technologies through her position.

Demetria is the mother one amazing teenage son – he is her everything! 当她不忙于工作的时候, her favorite hobbies include volunteering at church, 去远足, 去海滩, 锻炼, 和所爱的人共度美好时光. She has a definite passion for making other people laugh and smile, both at home and at work.


Originally from Northbridge, Jessalyn has been working in the dental field for a full decade so far. She attended the dental hygiene program at Quinsigamond Community College after being an assistant for several years. She’s always been intrigued by teeth and has a true passion for educating others on how to make sure their smile lasts for a lifetime. Her favorite part of this job is her wonderful coworkers!

Jessalyn is happily married with three children. Her family lives a very fast-paced life and loves 呆在户外 together as much as possible. Other hobbies include going to the beach, weightlifting, and 徒步旅行. She actually used to hate exercise more than anything – now she can’t go a day without it!


Laurie is from Uxbridge and studied at Eastern Nazarene College before pursuing her dental hygiene education at Hudson Valley Community College. She is a Registered Dental Hygienist with certification in dental anesthesia. 今天, her career in the dental field amazingly spans well over 35 years, and she has been caring for patients right here at our dental office for nearly all of them. Her mother was actually a dental hygienist too – in fact, her family’s been working in the dental field in some way since 1850! 今天, what she enjoys most about her position is being able to help patients overcome their dental concerns without fear.

Laurie has two grown children and three grandchildren. 当她不忙于工作的时候, her favorite hobbies include going motorcycling with her husband and trying out all sorts of creative forms of expression.


Stephanie’s family has actually been coming to this dental office since she was a young child, and she’s proud to be a member of the dental office team and care for patients herself! 她的经历几乎贯穿了整整十年, and she has her Bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene from the University of New England, 还有局部麻醉的执照. Her favorite part of this position is getting to meet such interesting, 每一天都是很棒的人.

来自中的, Stephanie and her husband Charlie have two wonderful dogs at home. 在她的业余时间, 她喜欢四轮, 呆在户外, 徒步旅行, 探索新的地方, 和旅行.


Tracy knew she wanted to work in dentistry since she was in high school – in fact, she got her first job at a dental office in the 10th 年级! 今天, she has been working in the field for nearly 34 amazing years, most of which have been spent right here at our Whitinsville location. 对她的教育, she attended Quinsigamond Community College and also earned her license in local anesthesia. What she enjoys most about a dental hygienist is being able to work one-on-one with such wonderful people!

工作以外的, Tracy is happily married to Scott and has a son named Bradley, 谁是陆军国民警卫队的. 在她的业余时间, she is a passionate triathlete and has completed an Ironman race.


来自中的, Laurie studied at Eastern Nazarene College before completing her dental hygiene education at Hudson Valley Community College. 她还获得了牙科麻醉证书. 今天, her career in oral healthcare impressively spans well over 35 years, with most of them spent right here at our dental office. In fact, dentistry has been a staple in her family since 1850! Her mother worked as a dental hygienist as well. She loves her patients and being able to help them with various dental concerns.

Laurie has two children and three grandchildren. 当她在牙科诊所不忙的时候, her favorite hobbies include expressing herself creatively and riding motorcycles with her husband.


Samantha grew up in Cranston, RI and has been living in the Northbridge area for a few years now. 在完成牙科辅助项目后, she decided to go right back to school for dental hygiene. Following graduation from the Community College of Rhode Island, she worked in a pediatric practice before transitioning to a general/family setting. 今天, she feels so grateful to have amazing coworkers with great teamwork who all genuinely care about the patients’ best interests. She loves helping them feel at ease while providing vital education about oral health!

Away from work, 徒步旅行 is Samantha’s newest hobby. She also enjoys taking Pure Barre exercise classes, 去新罕布什尔州看望她的父母, and hanging out at home with her boyfriend Justin and her cat Boomer.